Collection: Finnish M62 CAMO

The finnish m/62 Kuus-Kekkonen was the first domestic pattern that saw service-wide use.  Finnish conscripts from 1960s till the 2000s are familiar with the pattern and the uniform that bore it.

The Finnish M62 camouflage pattern entered service in the early 1960s, and continued to be issued and worn well into the late 2000s. A variety of color combinations have been documented; some sources suggest these were intentionally printed for deployment in a variety of seasonal conditions, although this has never been officially confirmed. A three-color pattern incorporating spot shapes in two darker colors on a lighter colored field, the pattern is nicknamed  kurkkusalaatti (cucumber relish) in Finnish. Most of the M62 uniforms are reversible to solid white.

Like the Norske Forsvarets ('Norwegian Defence') and Swedish M/90 camouflage patterns, Finnish M/62 camouflage is a simple, yet effective, camouflage pattern. It is a three-colour design, comprising dark olive green and maroon whorls on a light green background. The colours used, and the general style of the design, are reminiscent of 1929 Telo Mimetico;('camouflage cloth').