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Customer Reviews

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German Flecktarn CAMO unisex sports jersey
Christian M. (San Jose, US)
Sizing is very off

The 2x was more so like a 2X for a child not an adult male. Very dissatisfied with my purchase.


Dig it. Wish it was an inch or two longer at the waist, but not bad. Like the pattern, wish I could throw it in the dryer without ruining it...

Chuck from WV-Rhodesian Brushstroke

Just received the package with the remainder of my order. I love the look/print, the feel of the material, and everything fits well. Would really like to have cargo pants made out of this light material in the future if you start offering such a product. I’ll be ordering more in the future!!

Chuck from WV

Tshirt german camo

The t-shirts look great, the colors are identical to the original camo. I took a size L and the cut is perfect. The fabric is of great quality, well done.
if I can make a suggestion, the palm tree designs are missing on the very patern German camo palm tree pattern and on the pea dot camo the pea dots are a little too square. Thanks you

Street Fighter Allied Nations CAMO Men's Athletic T-shirt

Love it

American T-Block Desert CAMO unisex sports jersey
Joshua M. (West Valley City, US)
Awesome pattern!

Both of my shirts came and look exactly like the photos! They fit perfect too!

Swedish M90 Urban CAMO bandana
John B. (Dallas, US)

Swedish M90 Urban CAMO bandana

Russian Kamysh SPLAV Tiger CAMO Men's T-shirt

Rhodesian Brushstroke CAMO Unisex button shirt
John G. (Keystone Heights, US)
Rhodesian shirt buyer

Nice quality shirt

I love it

This is really nice pattern that is very comfortable to wear. I wish there was a bdu version


Parfait bel article et le camo sont de bonnes manufactures

Dank shorts my guy

Hey, what can I say, they’re good! Obviously a printed pattern and so we’ll see if it fades, but so far so good!

Drawstring Bag - German WW2 Sumpfmuster 44 Camo

Follow up on my previous review with photos.
The pattern color is good but I found the material a little hard (may be its new). Good to store clothes or general outdoor items. Tried out and if the drawstring is thicker and the length can be somehow adjusted, that would be super.

Street Fighter Allied Nations CAMO Men's swim trunks

pocets could be bigger but very nice

High quality

Good product, good fit, timely delivery.

A winner! Again!

This pattern looks great. I have the sweatshirt, t-shirt, and joggers and am highly pleased. Have been collecting German patterns from Camo HQ for years now and they are getting better every day. I am a retired army officer, LEO, and military history teacher so I am mainly at home, on the range or providing security at a farm/range/machinegun business in the Missouri Ozarks. These are my new uniforms! Keep it up! Who lowers prices these days? Well, David did! Keep it up!


Good fabric. Comfortable

I have not received my shoes yet

Well worth it.

Great camo pattern. It looks better than the photos.


Light mesh, super comfortable from minute one.Proud to own. CHEERS

Deceptive CAMO Men’s windbreaker
William B. (Lockport, US)

Have not received merchandise?????

American Multi CAMO Men's Athletic Shorts
Jacob E. (Yecheon-gun, KR)
OCP CAMO shorts

Good morning, still haven’t received my order as of 20th September 2023 which is fine tracking says it’s not to arrive until 25th September 2023 but looking forward to wearing them in the gym. Hopefully they make it to South Korea and aren’t lost in the mail. Thank you looking forward to you’re product.

Russian EMR Digital Flora Camo Backpack Try Out

This is the second backpack bought from CamoHQ about a month ago and I loved the camo pattern. Used it for a week and when there was light drizzling in the day. Waterproof was fine and rain drops slided away from the surface of the backpack. I'm using with another camo pattern interchangeably and both looked cool. Good, good, good ...

DNCP Raglan Zip Up Hoddie

Bought this desert night camouflage pattern camo zip up hoodies with other items. The camo pattern is cool and I love it. There is a thin layer of fleece inside which is able to keep you warm in autumn and early winter (tried out with my A/C turned on hahaha...). I found the material superb good and my skin feels comfortable with the fleece and the hoodie. Love it and a cool piece to wear.

Rhodesian Brushstroke Arid CAMO Men's swim trunks

Very nice could do with larger pockets carry more stuff when you are at the beach but still love them