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Awesome shorts

Awesome shorts great quality. Only thing I would change is bigger pockets, but it would not prevent me from buying another pair.

Awesome shorts

Awesome shorts great quality. Only thing I would change is bigger pockets, but it would not prevent me from buying another pair.

Very nice mask

Looks good works well

Very nice mask

Looks good, works well

Very nice mask

Looks good works well


I ordered this as a light-duty backpack to carry around when I don't need a full-size tactical backpack. Although it's a bit small, it can still carry a good amount of things. A few improvements I would make to the design, is water bottle holders on both sides, and maybe some Velcro for patches. It is a bit hard to open & close due to the zipper design, but overall it's good, and of course, blends in well with the DBDU shirt.

Brushstroke hoodie

It’s excellent.

Aussie multicam

It’s best in spring foliage. Colors are brighter than U.S. multicam. Thinking of dying it with a light solution of brown.

Flattering cut & Awesome quality

Absolutely love the quality of the material and print!
Only knocked it down a star because I’d love if there was a built in bra for the swimsuit.
I’ve purchased 3 swimsuits and really enjoy them!

Well made, great product

Excellent in all areas. If you are older as I am, I recommend upsizing.

Great product.

Like it! I was skeptical to order, thinking, that with so many patterns, the quality would be questionable. Wow, was I wrong, the colors are vibrant, and the quality of production is excellent. I will order again and recommended camohq to my friends. Thank you. Jon


Quite possibly my favorite camo pattern, and this is basically my favorite shirt now.

My only possible complaints (which are barely complaints) is the shirt is a big long in length, and that Camo HQ's color palette for DBDU isn't entirely accurate. However, these problems are not super significant (at least to me), and my life is now complete having the 'choccy camo' shirt.

FYI: not cotton

I love the print. Not fond of the fabric. I thought it was cotton. That’s my bad but wanted to mention it in a review it basically loose fit spandex.

Russian Spetnaz grey camo in the Desert View

This Russian Spetnaz grey camo is really cool, the pattern almost looks windswept and is an urban color based camo pattern. The material this gaiter is made of is top notch quality and I really like the double stitching and elasticity of the material. This is an unusual urban patter but urban none the less.

Exactly what I expected

If I could make one change it would be for the shirt inside to be green instead of white, at least the inside trim.

If the cloth flips over, the white fabric defeats the purpose of the camo

Leggings are great; pattern is more "inspired by" M05

The leggings themselves are fantastic - thick, high-quality, comfortable. The pattern isn't a faithful reproduction of M05, it's more "inspired by": the shapes are larger and the colour balance isn't quite the same as real M05 when put side-by-side.


Bought em for my son and he really liked the pattern/ fit!

Like the pattern, not material

Nothing wrong with the product - I should have read the description more carefully. I've been looking for a cotton-type t shirt in this pattern forever. I already had this particular shirt, which is fine, but I'm really looking for more of a regular cotton feel. Otherwise it's great.

Frogskin Marine WW2 jungle camo shorts

Shorts are Awsome! True to size, great feel and good for workouts! I’ll be buying more soon!

Pockets WAY too small

Pattern is great, well made, but the pockets are WAY too small.

Please make the pockets 2-3x bigger!

Love my hoodie!

Great product, excellent service! Definitely recommend!

Pretty good

The brown seems a little off almost like a mustard but close enough. Seems to be well made.

Everything fine

I will Buy again.

Great Beach Towel

The French Lizard Camo Towel will be a great addition to my beach kit! It's certainly long enough, and looks fabulous! I'll be the first on our beach to use one!

Cool Flip - Flops!

I bought a pair of the French Lizard Camo Flip-Flops on a whim. There're much better than I'd thought they would be! The size runs true, so order for your normal shoe size. They'll be a great conversation piece!