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SAVE 10% TODAY - Use Discount Code GET10 at Checkout

Customer Reviews

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German WWII planetree autumn

Great hoodie, fits well XL, I'm 6 ft. 213lbs.
Will purchase more hoodies in different patterns in the future.

authentic pattern

Pattern is pretty authentic and accurate, the closest you can get to the real thing. I had it printed on the regular T-Shirt. The material is very comfortable and light, as I expected. It did run slightly larger than I expected, so next time will try the athletic T-Shirt.

Vendor was great. Fast production and shipping, good communication. Definitely will be back for more.


Super comfy ..Colors are great ..

Short sleeve camo T

Nice quality shirt but fits very tight for a medium. Tried to exchange only to learn there a NO RETURN policy.

Color is a bit off.

The print is a lot more yellow than it appears here.

Very Good Gaiter

Wanted to buy a gaiter from an American company so I came across Camohq and their gaiters are made in the USA. It shipped fast and was a much better product from several of the foreign made ones that I have seen. Liked it so much that I bought another one in Winter Woodland camo two weeks later


I love these shorts. I do not favor denim shorts. My waist size is 27 inches. Purchased a size small. Perfect pull up shorts for the summer. Breathable and adjustable. The alpine multi cam & color is true from the stock photos.

Only issue is the adjustable strings are a bit too long for the shorts. I have to tuck them in without them showing under my shorts.


I love these shorts. I do not favor denim shorts. My waist size is 27 inches. Purchased a size small. Perfect pull up shorts for the summer. Breathable and adjustable. The black multi cam is tru from the stock photos.

Only issue is the adjustable strings are a bit too long for the shorts. I have to tuck them in without them showing under my shorts.

WWII USMC "frogskin" Pattern Hoodie...

The WWII Marine Crops "frogskin" pattern camo look is what drew me in...nice pattern..
Good price, comfortable to wear....

Worth the $ spent...
Great customer service, and communications...

Thanks for everything...

love the shirt! will buy again soon!

Very happy customer

I'm so happy with my purchase. Great short, excellent design and fantastic service.

good quality and well made

Great sweatshirt except that the lime green in the pattern comes out looking very bright-almost a neon green. Got a few laughs at my birthday when I opened it up as a present- and people there were saying how easy it would be to spot me with the neon green showing. I would suggest camo hq to try to dull this neon green down a bit.


Fantastic shorts 🩳 very comfortable and very stylish


Nice sweatshirt cotton feel REALLY comfortable

Keeping history alive!

High quality material, and awesome camo patterns, historically correct.

Great quality camo gaiter

Accurate camo pattern and comfortable gaiter

Nice light summer jacket

I love the pattern but its only a light summer jacket and not a bomber jacket as advertised, so a bit pricey for what you get. However it's a nice jacket I'll keep to wear rather than my real Dennison.

Very hard pattern to obtain in US nice construction but if you want roomier order size up

Good Quality

Good camo pattern and vey light weight. Pockets make it perfect.

Can you say Sweet?

Very nice shorts with a great cut. Waist tie string is to short to use. I will find my own, no big deal.

Sweat shirt review

Okay, Thank you for creating the product! Thank You very much in fact. David, whom I have had conversation with is the best person when it comes to customer service and is very receptive to listening and accommodating. That said please accept my critique as constructive to the end result of perfecting the product. I have worn the sweatshirt and it is my favorite of all my sweatshirts specifically because the fabric it is made of has no fleece inner surface and is very comfortable. I have the same issue with all my sweatshirts let me make clear. A days beard growth or two and my beard starts shredding the collars on all my sweatshirts, so no different with the Tiger sweat. To resolve the issue on my sweats I need to use a pell shaver when they start the process to halt the effect of the issue. However, the Tiger stripe sweat shirt under the bomber is a good look together and I get more compliments and inquiries where I order the garments than all my other Boho type clothing. The only garment I get more compliments on are the Hawaiian shirts I wear during the summer that I buy at WXXX MXXX every summer, but I have seen some people wearing the same exact shirt as mine often and my first reaction is to run to the bathroom and take off the shirt just because some people can't pull off the look with out looking odd. My last critique is that three maybe four of the Tiger offerings use the same pattern only changing out the coloration. Originally each coloration was unique and exclusive to it's own pattern, hence the Gold pattern belonged originally to the "ADS" pattern, " Advisor's Type Sparse" as noted in the Tiger Patterns guide book published by R. Johnson. So the vintage belonged to it's own pattern as did the blue. So I am buying the same pattern basically with the varied colorations of other types of designations. There is a "VMX" Vietnamese Marine Corps Experimental Pattern, "JWD" John Wayne Dense, Etc. for those of you that are into exactly what you are donning on your bodies are quite significantly historic. So 12 other patterns besides, all with different patterns and all very attractive. You would of had to of been a collector of genuine Tiger Stripe combat fatigues to know the information I am sharing. Best is just to enjoy what you can get because nothing lasts forever and the Camo HQ company deserves to be patronized and applauded for the efforts. Thank You very much, for making the Tiger Stripe clothing and the other Tiger Products. My wife is eager to start buying the mugs after watching me collecting the garments the past 30 years. Most all my collection I had not been able to wear since the average age of VN vets were young men who were mostly wearing small sizes.

Mixed feelings?

Although I really appreciate Camo HQ reproducing a small variety of Viet Nam era Tiger Stripe Patterns that originated from the Viet Nam era war, I would of preferred that the bomber had not been made with the black waist band trim and the black pocket flap openings trim. Why not just complete the bomber with the black trim around the collar as well if you are going to finish the waist band and the pockets, why not the cuffs? My opinion leave off the black trim and keep the cost down and labor time involved changing fabrics during the construction. All the other Tiger Stripe variations made into bomber jackets are made not using these features and I can't wait to begin putting my orders in for those. Just my personal preference. I do applaud the owners eagerness of the offer to print other varieties still not shown of Tiger patterns of which a total of 13 exist, so Thank You David!!! We will take you up on the offer, since there are some really beautiful patterns still to be appreciated simply for the artistic aspects rather than combat utility.

Lizard Camo Neck Gaiter

Love it!! Great neck gaiter, head cover and mask - and it matches my vest!!

Black Camo gaiter

Very good product. Serves its purpose. Comfortable on the neck. I had questions about shipping and received a prompt response.