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An American Company Located in Utah
An American Company Located in Utah


Customer Reviews

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Great shorts!

The shorts fit great! The only thing I wish is that the inseam was a little shorter. Maybe 5 inch!

Another Great Camo from camohq

I used to want one- now I got one.I always wanted a Jacket in SMK melted snow.This was an Urban camouflage from the 90's.I had trouble getting the camo and as it so happens the people wearing it were usually Spetznaz and such of the sort. Thanks camohq for the recreation and fast shipping.

Perfect size and good quality.

Australian Disruptive Pattern Desert Uniform (DPDU) CAMO Men's Rash Guard


Great hoodie for any WW2 enthusiast. Wish this camo design also came in the faded option. The colors are a little off in my opinion. But definitely would recommend to any blurred edge camo fan.

False advertising

There is no such thing as Irish naval swimming trunks. As I'm in the Irish navy. So these are been sold using false information.

This new neck gaiter/face shield is great. Fits very well, the material is stretchy but snug and the camo pattern is significantly unique with dark lines that are directed up and down.

Good not great

Colors need to be darker, they aren’t as dark as the pictures. The blacks on my shirt are navy blue at best. Shirt feels great super soft good mesh material but the fit is nothing like the picture, pretty loose fitting and I got a size smaller then what I normally buy to have a tighter fit. $43 shipped to me with a 15% off code. Price does not match the product.

Fantastic camo

5 Stars ,so glad someone offers this pattern in big sizes and this material. I combined this jacket with the wide leg pants and they match and are of the same great stretchy material. Very impressed.

Great Jacket

Colors are perfect , been looking for this pattern for a while and didn't hesitate. Quality is great, fits as described.


They fit great, and they’ve been keeping me warm under my regular pants!

Best Camo Shop for me

Nice products, good prices and good customer service.

Red Dawn CAMO unisex wide-leg pants
T.L.B. (Owingsville, US)
A must have

So glad to get this. I combined these pants with a raglan zip up hoodie that they do not seem to have in the catalog anymore .I have always wanted a big over suit in this pattern. I used to have an original RED DAWN smock back in the 80's and this is actually much better. The originals were basically just movie props made out of thin cotton that faded and wore holes easily. These items made by camohq are made of a stretchy spandex material is perfect for wearing a lot. The only cons are that the pattern repeats itself a little too much maybe .It is not exactly the same print as the originals but is probably the closest thing you will ever get so don't hesitate to order these. I Am so glad these are available in big sizes like3x , 5x and 6x.Thank you camohq ,will be buying again. YouTube video placeholder
They’re pretty dope- I’m gonna order more

Soft and getting more. Would mind if they were a little more stretchy but great overall

Lov'in it?

Love like reptile skin camo. Unique

My wife says they are really good material.

My wife really likes them.

American Multi CAMO Unisex Hoodie
David A. (Moyock, US)
American multi cam sweatshirt

Second purchase - same great quality and comfort. Not sure where they get their material but these are the most comfortable sweatshirts I've ever owned. And it only took a week to get here - with a 3 day holiday in the middle. Very impressive considering they not only had to ship it they had to make it first. If you love camo you really need to check out this company. My only problem with them is they have so many styles and patterns to choose from it's hard to pick just one. I have purchased 2 - a British DPM and American Multi cam sweatshirt. Much nicer than any of the stuff in retail stores or other online companies. And excellent communication. I'm not someone who is easily impressed, but I can't say enough good things about this company. P.S. I am not an employee or relative of anyone at Camo Hq - just a satisfied customer.

Great Coat

Have been wanting this camo pattern for years and thanks to you I have it. This jacket is weel constructed, warm, and pretty windproof. The Only complaint I have is the pockets are a little small.

Irish DPM Woodland CAMO bandana
Ceiteach (Dublin, IE)
Material isn't the same

per the title, the material isn't the same. Isn't as nice to wear like actual bandana, sucks you can't make ones made of cotton in Irish DPM

Raddish baboon telescope

I love this lawnmower

Pattern is awesome, sizing and shipping excellent, design is great, would appreciate a choice of

Pattern is awesome, sizing and shipping excellent, design is great, would appreciate a choice of Cotton fabric.

German Oak Leaf Autumn CAMO Unisex Hoodie
Val (Asnieres-sur-Seine, FR)

Pattern is awesome (especially in Fall), sizing and shipping were perfect, would appreciate a choice of cotton fabric.

Pattern is awesome, sizing is great, design and fabric perfectly match the use.

Pattern is awesome, size is great, design is too simple, probably to match the affordable price.