Collection: Iraqi Desert Blotch CAMO

The earliest documented camouflage pattern worn by Iraqi troops was a copy of the British brushstroke design found on the 1950s era Denison smock. These smocks were no doubt issued only to airborne personnel and may have been supplied by the British government as military aid. Extant photos suggest these had fallen into disuse by the 1970s.

One of the last patterns introduced to Iraqi military forces was a desert "blotch" pattern, having irregular spots of black, reddish-brown and olive green on a tan background. Crudely printed and manufactured, the colors of the pattern remained relatively constant, although some variations have been documented. Large quantities of uniforms in this pattern survived the 2003 invasion by coalition forces and would end up supplying some units of the newly formed Iraqi security forces, including the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps (ICDC) and the Iraqi National Guard (ING).