Collection: Greek Navy Special Forces (DYK) Lizard CAMO

The Underwater Demolition Command (Greek: Διοίκηση Υποβρυχίων Καταστροφών), abbreviated as DYK (Greek: ΔΥΚ,Greek pronunciation: [ðik]) and known until 2001 as the Underwater Demolition Unit (Greek: Μονάδα Υποβρυχίων Καταστροφών), abbreviated as MYK (Greek: ΜΥΚ, Greek pronunciation: [mik]), is the Greek Navy's elite special warfare unit. Another vertical Greek Lizard camouflage design, apparently very short-lived, is that seen here. This has been attributed to use by the Greek Navy Special Forces (DYK), and incorporates a very similar color scheme to the standard Hellenic "lizard" pattern, but in a sparser concentration and vertical alignment.

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