Collection: Malaysian RELA Corps Digital CAMO

The RELA Corps, or Ikatan Relawan Rakyat Malaysia (Volunteers of the Malaysian People), is a paramilitary, quasi-law enforcement unit primarily tasked with controlling illegal immigration. In 2013, it was announced that the Corps would begin issuing a pixelated camouflage pattern seen here. Two other color variations have also been observed, but as yet it is uncertain whether they will be in general circulation. The Royal Malaysian Navy, or Tentera Laut DiRaja Malaysia (TLDM) has also adopted its own pixelated camouflage design, with a mostly grey colorway. . First revealed to the public during the Malaysian Armed Forces 80th Anniversary Parade in September 2013, a new pixelated camouflage design is now in the process of being integrated into the supply system as the standard combat uniform of the Army. The design incorporates foliage green and medium brown fractal shapes on a light tan or sand-colored background, with a very small smattering of dark blue scattered throughout. Colloquially the pattern is simply termed Fabrik Celoreng Corak Digital Tentera Darat (Army Digital Pattern Camouflage Fabric) or simply Celoreng Digital (digital camouflage), but among the special forces community it has been nicknamed Celoreng Komando. It is suspected the uniform will eventually be distributed to all branches of the armed forces, but thus far only the Army that has been observed wearing it.

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