Collection: Finnish M04 Hellepuku Desert CAMO

Beginning in 2003, the Finnish MOD tested and ultimately adopted a new combat uniform design and a new series of camouflage patterns for the armed forces. The prototype design for this new series of camouflage was labeled K2004 and was produced in desert coloration, since at the time the Finnish armed forces did not have a desert camouflage uniform to issue personnel deployed to arid regions of the world. The desert camouflage uniform was ultimately issued as the M04 Hellepuku (Hot Weather Uniform M2004), and was the first of the new designs issued to Finnish military personnel. Two basic variations are issued, one on heavier twill fabric and another on ripstop fabric. Both patterns were issued concurrently. The pattern itself (hellekuvio or "heatwave pattern") consists of dark green & light brown variegated blotches on a sandy base, with some variation in color based on the type of fabric and the manufacturer.