Collection: Finnish M05 Maastokuvio CAMO

The M05 family of military camouflage patterns are used by the Finnish Defence Forces on uniforms and other equipment. The pattern is licensed by the Finnish Defence Forces and became available to the public as of 26 September, 2016. The first M05 items were issued to troops around 2007, and have nearly universally replaced the previous M91 pattern in service use. At the same time, the even older M62 pattern is still employed in some niche uses, such as by paratroopers of the Utti Jaeger Regiment due to the cut of the M62 equipment being better suited for parachuting.The basis of the planning of the new pattern are various photographs of Finnish forests taken by the Finnish Forest Research Institute. The photographs were then digitally edited by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland's Information Technology Institute and concentrated into a 4-color pattern representative of a Finnish forest. Dark charcoal grey, was added to the pattern in order to represent shadowed areas in a forest. The pattern was field tested several times, leading to small changes. The new pattern was considered to be significantly better than the old M62 and M91 camouflage patterns.