Collection: Irish DPM CAMO

The Irish DPM camouflage pattern was officially issued to military personnel in Ireland in March 2000, but had been issued to troops abroad for six months before that. Although also called DPM, the pattern has no relation to the British design of the same name. It is also sometimes mistaken for the French CE camouflage pattern, although in fact the two are quite different. The uniforms were first issued to members of the Permanent Defence Force (PDF), but in March 2002 also to the FCÁ (Reserve Forces). Irish camouflage was designed by the Belgian firm Seyntex, and is a four-color pattern with black, reddish-brown and olive green shapes on a light olive green base. Typical of the wonderful sense of humor that permeates the country, the Irish refer to their camouflage pattern affectionately as "Paddyflage."