Collection: American Mitchell Wine Leaf Green CAMO

US Army trials of 1953 produced two additional camouflage patterns that were adopted for limited use by military personnel. Both patterns saw widespread distribution only as a reversible shelter half (1953) and reversible helmet cover (1959), with one pattern printed on each side. The USMC standard or “wine leaf” pattern (sometimes called "vine leaf" or even "maple leaf" despite the shapes bearing little resemblance to actual maple leaves), consists of large overlapping dark green, lime green & ochre leaf shapes with brown twigs on a pale green background. This design was produced in at least two distinctive color variations (employing the same printing screens) - one version with a pale green background, darker green leaf shapes and highly contrasting bright yellow and russet features, and a second version with far less contrast between the colors. Some tailor made clothing in this pattern did appear during the Vietnam War, made in Japan or South Vietnam from cannibalized shelters or even Asian-made fabric copied from the US design.

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