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The differences between Multicam and OCP

The differences between Multicam and OCP

It can be easy to mistake MultiCam and OCP military uniforms, especially if you are a recruit. However, military uniforms must not be taken lightly since they symbolize comradeship and are worn from the line of duty to ceremony. Attention to detail is a key aspect of the military, which is why you need to understand the differences between MultiCam and OCP gear.


Back in 2002, MultiCam camouflage gear was introduced as a way for soldiers to blend into a variety of different environments as a part of the Objective Force Warrior program. A MultiCam uniform was composed of several colors such as green, brown, pink, khaki, and more. These hues were incorporated into various shapes to reflect different surroundings that soldiers might encounter. The U.S. government would eventually replace Crye Precision’s MultiCam due to price disputes.


The OCP (Operations Camouflage Pattern) uniform is what is used today. It is backed by the U.S. Army and other military branches. The OCP option was initially known as Scorpion W2, and was first made available to soldiers in 2015. OCP gear features a similar color scheme at a glance, but MultiCam has a darker and sharper appearance. OCP Gear has also been put to the test with fabric engineered to withstand both cold and warm temperatures, explosive bursts, and high levels of air pressure. It features enough durability for regular use, and also provides flame resistance.


The differences between MultiCam and OCP might not be evident, but soldiers need to make the distinction. The United States military phased out MultiCam uniforms in favor of OCP. From a visual standpoint, a MultiCam uniform will feature near-vertical elements that are known as twiglets. An OCP uniform has linear horizontal patterns across the body and no twiglets at all. Today, you will find that the Army, Air Force, and Space Force use OCP uniforms.

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