Collection: Russian TTsMKK Disruptive Tri Color CAMO

Entering service later in the war (1944) was the tritsvetnyi makirovochnyi kamuflirovannyi kostium or TTsMKK uniform, printed in a unique three-color disruptive camouflage. It has been suggested that the pattern was developed by the Soviets to thwart German infrared night vision devices that began appearing in early 1944. The overlapping pattern of dark green and foliage green on a yellow-tan base incorporated a "stair step" concept that would classify many Soviet designs for years to come. As with the earlier uniforms, the same MKK/MK style uniforms were issued in this pattern, generally reserved for reconnaissance, sniper & border units during the war and into the 1950s. This pattern was later exported to Albania where it served with their elite units into the 1990s. Contemporary variations have also been worn by Russian military forces in the 2000s.