South African Transkei CAMO

Transkei was a tribal homeland in the southeastern region of Republic of South Africa from 1976 until 1994. The region was set aside for Xhosa-speaking people and given nominal autonomy in 1963, and granted nominal self-rule in 1976. Chief Kaiser Daliwonga Matanzima became its first head of government, ruling it as a one-party state.

Transkei was reincorporated into South Africa on 27 April 1994, becoming part of the Eastern Cape province.

With the assistance of former Rhodesian Security Force members, the Transkei Defense Force developed a camouflage design clearly based on an early design issued by Zimbabwe, but having different colors. A vertical "stripe" or "brushstroke" pattern, the Transkei design incorporates chocolate brown & dark green vertical stripes on a khaki background, with some variability depending on the manufacturer. A variation of the pattern, possibly for trials or first issue, printed brown over green, can be seen here.