Collection: Saudi Arabia Special Security Forces Desert CAMO

Falling under the administration of the Ministry of the Interior (وزارة الداخلية) are the Special Security Forces, or Emergency Force (قوات الطوارئ), a special operations unit tasked with counter-terrorism, anti-smuggling, hostage rescue, and other specialized duties. In the early 2000s, a new variation of the six-color desert pattern was introduced for use by the Emergency Forces. This design features black & grey "chips" over reddish-brown, dark olive green and dark tan shapes on a sandy background. As with many camouflage patterns worn by this nation, mild color and fabric variations have been documented coming from different sources. At least a couple photographs have also depicted members not apparently attached to this unit wearing the pattern, so it may be the entire MOI has access to this camouflage and not simply the Emergency Force.

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