Collection: Saudi Arabia Grey Chocolate Chip CAMO

The Saudi Grey Chocolate Chip CAMO is copy of the US 6 color desert uniform, were supposedly only seen worn by the General Directorate of Border Guards in the 2000's, but new information leads us to believe that this isn't true. There are a few different patterns/variations of the camo and uniform style. Some have a dominant tan color, and others a dominant grey pattern. This section will show these examples and who wore them.

The General Directorate of Border Guards falls under the administration of the Ministry of Interior. For many years, this service has worn a grey-dominant variant of the standard six-color "chocolate chip" desert camouflage pattern. A similar pattern was also worn by units in Kuwait and the UAE. It is interesting to note that many collectors have identified the pattern as being for the Saudi Marines due to the symbolism of the shoulder insignia often found on surplus examples. There have been several variations of the pattern produced since the 1990s. It is believed that at least one variation was also worn by the King Fahd Security College, but probably for a short period of time only.

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