Collection: Russian Sunray Serebryanyi (Silver) CAMO

During the transitional period, and for several years to come, a number of the camouflage patterns designed and used in the USSR continued to be worn by the new Russian Armed Forces. Of these, the oldest pattern to see widespread use was the solnechnye zaychiki (sunshine rays) KLMK uniform, which has continued to be worn by some Russian special forces, as well as reservists, Engineer & Cossack units of the Russian Army. The contemporary term for this pattern is berezhka (birch) or serebryanyi list (silver leaf).

The old Soviet "sunray" camouflage pattern is still being issued to MVD Interior Troops and Frontier troops of the FSB (Federal Security Service), as well as some Army personnel (see above). New production variations of this pattern are called Берёзка (Berezhka) (birch tree), but aside from fabric and slight coloration differences this is essentially the same design as the original.