Collection: Italian Telo Mimetco M1929 Schutzstaffle CAMO

The M1929 telo mimetico (1929 model camouflage pattern) is believed to be the first mass-produced camouflage pattern in existence. Introduced in 1929, it was widely distributed to Italian soldiers as a square shelter half or shelter/poncho combination (printed on one side only). Limited numbers of special smocks were also produced in this pattern for the Paracadutisti (paratroops) of the Italian Army during WW2, and some custom-tailored uniforms are also documented for wear by special units of the Italian Army. After the capitulation of Italy in 1943, German units operating in Southern Europe are known to have adopted the M1929 camouflage pattern for their own use. It has further been documented that original Italian machinery, moved to Czechoslovakia during WW2, was used after the war to produce camouflage uniforms for the new Czechoslovakian Army. The M1929 camouflage pattern is distinguished from the several postwar patterns by its coloration, large chocolate-brown and greyish-green distinctive patches on an ochre background, and by the general arrangement of the shapes.

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