Collection: German WW2 Rauchtarnmuster Blurred Edge Summer CAMO

The Rauchtarnmuster or “smoke camouflage pattern” sometimes termed “Blurred edge pattern" This is reasonably descriptive of this camouflage, but some examples show less “blurred” effect. The German term aptly defines all the minor variations of this widely used pattern, whose black or dark overprint is very suggestive of drifting smoke. It is actually a variant of Platanenmuster with identical spring and autumn base colors, but with the “smokey” black overprint substituted fr the spotted “plane tree” overprint.

Photos have confirmed use of this long-lived pattern from 1939 (helmet covers and smocks) until at least 1944 (two-piece padded reversible winter suits). It was probably used for more different types of regulation SS garments than any other pattern, though examples are relatively rare. It is found on Zeltbahnen, first and second model helmet covers, field caps, and smocks-including up to the very last smocks, the original was made of herringbone twill (HBT) linen.

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