Collection: German Truppenversuch Sägezahnmuster CAMO

The trial CAMO pattern Truppenversuch 76 was this Sägezahnmuster or "saw tooth" pattern, so-called due to the resemblance of the foliage-like shapes to the sharp edges of a saw. During 1972 and 1973 the Germans produced four extremely interesting camouflage patterns in an unnamed trial. The other sets are known as Punkttarn (Point Pattern), Flecktarn Klein (Flecktarn Small), and Eichenblatt (Oakleaf). Only a few hundred of these sets were produced and there’s not many surviving today. Unfortunately a large portion of the trousers, for whatever reason, were demilled with many long slashed down the legs. Although none of the camouflage patterns were accepted, some of the uniform features were applied to the 3rd Model Moleskin uniform that started showing up in 1974.