Collection: German Heeres Splittermuster CAMO

The earliest known camouflage pattern developed for mass-production to German military forces was the Buntfarbendruck 31, introduced circa 1931. The pattern was later re-named Heeres-Splittermuster 31 (Army splinter pattern) circa 1935. This camouflage design was used on the Zeltbahn 31 - a triangular shelter quarter that would create a suitable four-man tent when buttoned together with three additional pieces. The colouration of the two sides was different but both printed in a splinter pattern. It should be noted that the German design was later copied on the Swiss Zelteinheiten 1901. The pattern would also be utilized on for a number of uniform items during WW2 and was the basis of the Luftwaffe-Splittermuster camouflage pattern.