Collection: French Algerian War M47 Lizard CAMO

The pattern classified as pattern D is typified by that printed on shelter quarters from the Algerian War period. This design incorporates rust and light green horizontal brush strokes on a sandy background, and is printed only on one side. Historical evidence shows some elite French units had items such as berets personally tailored from this fabric, but there is no indication that any widespread production of uniforms were ever created for French forces using this color combination. Documentation also illustrates helmet covers were made out of this fabric for some units such as 3eme REI, although their use appears to have been localized and not widespread. The drawings themselves and the Type D pattern can be encountered on combat clothing using a different coloration. Other versions seen incorporate broad, pale lichen-green and purple-brown strokes over a khaki base.  Categorized as "D Tropical" within the French categorization system. Variations of the colorway were also used on the later treillis toutes armes (TTA) or "All Arms Uniform."

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