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CAMO HQ - Hundreds of CAMO Patterns and Products to choose from!
CAMO HQ - Hundreds of CAMO Patterns and Products to choose from!


Croatian CAMO

The Croatian War of Independence raged from 1991 to 1995, resulting in victory for the Croatians and a newly declared Republic of Croatia (Republika Hrvatska). The war was primarily fought between Croatians seeking to separate themselves from the Socalist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia on one side, and ethnic Serbians supported by the Yugoslavian People's Army (JNA) on the opposite side. At this time, the Republic of Serbian Krajina was declared within the borders of Croatia, the Serbian Krajina Army and Police having their own military insignia distinctive form the JNA (although being outfitted largely with the same equipment and uniforms).

The Croatian National Guard Corps (Zbor narodne garde - ZNG) was the earliest independent military formation, created in May 1991, and was supplied largely with materiel purchased in East Germany, Hungary and on various international black markets. Units of the ZNG were outfitted in a number of different types of camouflaged combat uniforms, including surplus US military issue BDUs and ex-DDR issue strichtarn "rain" pattern camouflage winter uniforms. National Guard units were shortly amalgamated into the fledgling Croatian Army (Hrvatska vojska), which by 1992 was equipped much more professionally in a variety of locally-made camouflage uniforms, many of which were based on the US m81 woodland drawings.

Following independence, the Croatian Army (HV) continued to wear the woodland pattern until approximately 2005 when a newly-designed series of two pixelated camouflage patterns were adopted. The Croatian Police (Policija) and special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslovna - MUP), meanwhile, have since outfitted themselves - ironically - in locally-made copies of tiger pattern camouflage uniforms originally utilized by Yugoslavian forces..