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Welcome to the home of over 200 Military CAMO Patterns on apparel , bags and packs!
Welcome to the home of over 200 Military CAMO Patterns on apparel , bags and packs!

Ukrainian CAMO

Ukraine (Україна) was formerly a socialist republic within the Soviet Union, and the largest country on the European continent. Following a failed military coup d'etat that resulted in the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine established its independence on 16 July 1990. The Armed Forces of Ukraine (Збройні сили України - ЗСУ) were formed in August of 1991, when jurisdiction over all formations of the old Soviet Armed Forces stationed in Ukraine were transferred under the control of the new republic.

Many manufacturing facilities were maintained in Ukraine under Soviet control, and these in turn also transferred ownership with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. These included a number of factories for manufacturing textiles and military uniforms, which continued to produce camouflage uniforms not only for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but for many of its neighbors including Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, and Moldova. With a few exceptions, camouflage patterns produced in the Ukraine have always had distinctive color features (as well as unique factory markings) that make them generally easy to distinguish from those produced in neighboring Russia. As such, Ukraine is one of the only former Soviet republics to enjoy a long standing tradition of producing its own camouflage uniforms rather than importing them or copying the designs of its neighbors. In the modern era, however, an increasingly large number of commercial products have been reaching military units of this former Soviet republic, with the result that such distinctions are becoming less and less common.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine consist of the Ground Forces (Сухопутні Війська), Air Force (Повітряні Сили), and the Naval Forces (Військово-Морські Сили). The National Guard of Ukraine (Националня гвардія України), a reserve force under the directive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs ( Міністерство внутрішніх справ) or MVS, also existed from 1991 to 2000, but was disbanded reputedly as a cost-saving measure. The Guard has since been re-established since March 2014. The MVS also administrate the Internal Troops of Ukraine (Внутрішні війська України) or VV, which function primarily as a gendarmerie-type agency, the Federal Police (мiлiцiя) (including the Special Police or Бе́ркут - Berkut), and The Security Service (Служба Безпеки).