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An American Company Located in Utah
An American Company Located in Utah


South Korean CAMO

The entire Korean peninsula was under Imperial Japanese colonial rule from 1910 until 1945. South Korea is officially the Republic of Korea (ROK or 대한민국), and was formed in 1948 when the peninsula was divied into North Korea (occupied by the USSR after WW2) and South Korea (occupied by the USA). North Korea invaded South Korea in June of 1950, with the resulting war between the two nations and their respective supporters raging until 1953.

The Korean War was the first major conflict of the Cold War. North Korea was supported by China and the Soviet Union, while South Korea received military support from the United States, Great Britain and fourteen other nations under United Nations resolution 84. The conflict ended only with an armistice, so technically the Korean War has never been been fully resolved.

South Korea sent troops to the Republic of Vietnam, where they fought fiercely against the communist Viet Cong and the forces of North Vietnam. Over 24,000 ROK military personnel have also been deployed to the Middle East to support the international "War on Terror," including 3,300 sent to assist with the rebuilding of Iraq and 1,800 deployed to Lebanon (UNIFIL).

The Republic of Korea Armed Forces (대한민국 국군) consist of the ROK Army (대한민국 육군), ROK Navy (대한민국 해군), ROK Air Force (대한민국 공군), and the ROK Reserve Forces (대한민국 예비군). The ROK Marine Corps (대한민국 해병대) are a part of the Navy.