Collection: South African Defense Force (SADF) Angola 32 Battalion CAMO

The SADF 32 Battalion was formed in 1976 from elements of a specialized unconventional warfare unit of Angola's FNLA who had been trained and supplied by South African special forces under Colonel Jan Breytenbach. Most of its members were Portuguese-speaking Angolans that had been forced to leave their nation after FAPLA's provisional victory. The primary objective of 32 Battalion was counter-insurgency operations targeting PLAN in South West Africa as well as FAPLA. The unit would be disbanded in 1991, but not before acquiring one of the most lethal reputations of any unit in the SADF.

Two additional types of camouflage were developed specifially for 32 Battalion, utilizing the same drawings as the earlier pattern, and designated Pattern 2. A summer version or "wet season" (below, left) incorporated dark brown, russet & green on a pale green background, whilst a winter version or "dry season" (below, right) featured dark brown, nutria & green on a light brown background.