Russian WWII Trial Pattern CAMO

The first camouflage to be used by the Red Army was the ‘ZMK’ white winter overgarment in 1938. Later that year the ‘amoeba’ pattern debuted as the first disruptive pattern to be printed on a Soviet uniform. This uniform, available in both one- and two-piece versions, was issued to snipers, engineers, and airborne and NKVD troops well into the 1950s. The uniforms were even used by trainees as late as the 1990s. In 1940 the radically different ‘leaf’ pattern came into service. Looking more like a floral design than a military camouflage pattern, it was later copied by Romania. Towards the end of WWII the three-color ‘TTsMKK’ uniform was issued, featuring a digital-style design. Two other patterns were trialled in the 1940s – one incorporated elements of both the ‘amoeba’ and ‘TTsMKK’ patterns and another was a simplified version of the ‘leaf ’pattern.
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rhodesian camo

great shorts and V-neck shirt very comfortable very lightweight I play woodland paintball and its gets very hot here in alabama highly recommend

Rhodesian Bush CAMO Indoor Wall Tapestry

The Wall Tapestry was as expected, but since I got the largest size available the actual pattern seemed to have been expanded rather than remaining on its original size ratio.

Its fine

Very nice, but your spam emails are pissing me off, please stop

Alpha Jungle Camo Yoga Leggings

Very roomy and comfy, but thin. I’m a 14 so I got the biggest size but I could have gone down a size for sure 💁🏼‍♀️ I’ll purchase again.

Great quality

The print quality is top notch!