Russian Sunray Gold CAMO

A revisitation of the original Soviet "stair step" design nicknamed solnechnye zaychiki (sunshine rays) was also issued as a reversible KLMK uniform beginning in 1968, with the same grid pattern on the opposite side. The pattern of jagged tan shapes on a grass green field would later be fielded on a variety of two-piece camouflage uniforms (kamuflirovannyi komplekt), which included accessories such as a beret, field cap and sun hat. This stair step design, referred to in some sources as "sun bunnies" pattern, would continue to be used (with only slight changes) by Soviet and ex-Soviet republics well into the present era. Mild variations of the printed design are documented, some having a lighter or darker shade of green, imperfect or "blurred" printing, or more of the grid pattern showing through on the opposite side.