Collection: Russian Red Dawn KLMK Green CAMO

First appearing in the 1984 film starring Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen, where Soviet troops invade the USA, this camouflage design was worn by the Soviet paratroopers in the movie. It is believed the pattern was modeled on what few photographs of Soviet troops had emerged from the USSR at that time, most likely the KLMK "stair step" pattern. The same camouflage pattern was later used in the third installment of the Sylvester Stallone "Rambo" franchise, again for Soviet troops, and reputedly has made sporadic appearances in other films over the years as well, including "The 4th War" with Jurgen Prochnow. Even in 2014, this design was recycled and utilized in the Hungarian WW2 film Drága Elza.

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