Collection: Polish WZ68 Moro Ludowe Wojsko Polskie (LWP) CAMO

Officially the wz68 Moro Ludowe Wojsko Polskie (LWP) pattern, the Polish Army "worm" pattern was introduced in 1968 and saw service well into the 1980s as a general-purpose pattern. Also known as "green Moro," this was an Army pattern consisting of dense dark grey "worm" shapes over a grey-green field. Several styles of uniform were produced, including a winter version and a special purpose uniform for airborne and reconnaissance personnel. The pattern was later revived (circa late 1980s) and worn by elements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnętrznych or MSW) such as the Border Guards (Wojska Ochrony Pogranicza) and the Motorized Riot Police (Zmotoryzowane Odwody Milicji Obywatelskiej). Reputedly, Polish military documents actually refer to the pattern as Mora (vice Moro), although this has yet to be substantiated.