New Zealand DPM Swanndri CAMO

The New Zealand disruptive pattern material, also known as New Zealand DPM, was the official camouflage pattern on uniforms used by the New Zealand Armed Forces until 2013. It was replaced with a new pattern called Multi Terrain Camouflage[1] which is exclusive to the New Zealand Defence Force. New Zealand DPM is derived from British DPM and is identical to Dutch DPM in colouration with the exception of the dithering which is absent in the Dutch pattern.

Historically, New Zealand's armed forces used British military uniforms in British DPM camouflage, with the first issues of 1968 Pattern smock and trousers being made in 1980. These were replaced with the first of the New Zealand pattern DPM in 1984–1985, and there have been several iterations since. In the mid-1990s a quantity of British windproof smocks were purchased as the indigenously developed DPM camouflage woollen "Swanndri" had never really found favor due to its weight (especially when wet), bulk and impractical cut.