Italian 1929 Summer CAMO

In 1929, Italy produced the revolutionary ‘telo tenda’ shelter-half using ‘telo mimetico’, the first printed camouflage fabric issued to individual troops. Although the pattern is not particularly effective, because of the short distance over which it repeats, it is the world’s longest-serving camouflage design – apart from changes in color schemes, this pattern was used into the 1990s.

During WWII, the fabric was used to make two helmet covers (one for infantrymen, one for paratroopers) and a paratrooper smock, all of which were first issued in 1942. The Italian camouflage pattern was coveted during the war, and German troops seized some of the fabric to make uniforms from it to their own specification. British and American troops were also known to wear captured garments printed with the pattern. In addition to this design, a three-color ‘beach assault’ pattern was made exclusively for the elite San Marco Battalion after WWII, superseded by a new San Marco ‘spray’ pattern introduced in the late 1980s. The fabric was used in the 60’s by artist Aligherro Boetti, over 20 years before Warhol’s appropriation os the US woodland pattern.

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My son loves his shirt! Quick delivery especially since it was made to order!

Great quality T-shirt, rare camo pattern

Very happy to find such a high quality t-shirt in the WWII American Marine Jungle Camo pattern. It's difficult to find this once common pattern these days and CamoHQ is the only "made in the USA" producer I've been able to find. The fabric, fit, and feel of the shirt is superior. I do wish that the pattern size ratio on the back and chest was the same as the sleeves, but it still looks great. Highly recommended




Got to me fast, I like it alot, GOOD STUFF!!!!

Good blanket, ok pattern

Really soft throw-sized blanket....velvety soft. The camo pattern is a little 'vibrant' and cartoony (if it can be described that way?). But overall a decent product.