Collection: Iranian Basij Panther CAMO

Once an ally of the United States, Iran produced several copies of the US m1942 spot pattern camouflage beginning in the Imperial Period (1970s). Iranian spot pattern is nicknamed "panther" camouflage. The first use seems to have been by Imperial Navy commandos, but they continue to be worn into the present period, with a wide variety of colorways having been produced. The most commonly encountered of these are the tan or desert versions, frequently worn by takavar special operations personnel such as commandos, but also by regular Army units. Panther camouflage was heavily used by Basij volunteer forces during the Iran-Iraq War

A variation of this pattern substitutes green for the more common khaki-brown. The version at the left is the earliest documented variation and was used by the Army since before 1979. Later variations can be dated to the Iran-Iraq War, and were worn by both Army and Basij units of the IRGC. Some more recent versions have been worn within the past 20 years as well.