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          Belgium's indigenous and most long-lived camouflage design is the "jigsaw" pattern, seen below in its first incarnation (m56). Introduced in 1956 and continuing in production with essentially the same features until the 1970s, this camouflage design again was generally restricted to use by elite units of the Belgian Armed Forces. The pattern consists of rusty earth, dark green and khaki green elements amidst smaller, black & white shapes. It is believed the design was primarily intended for use in Europe, although some stocks did reach Africa and even ended up in the hands of elite units from Belgium's former colonies such as Zaire. Most versions of this design were printed on a heavy canvas fabric.

          A third variation of the Belgian jigsaw pattern first appeared in 1999. A few years earlier, the Ministry of Defence had determined that a universally recognizable Belgian camouflage pattern was desirable and introduced a single type of uniform for wear by all military personnel. Produced initially in a variety of fabric types, the version considered "third jigsaw" pattern has a slightly condensed appearance compared to earlier designs. The standard combat uniform of the Belgian Armed Forces is now produced in medium weight ripstop fabric. Belgian 3rd pattern jigsaw camouflage has also been worn by units of the Luxembourg Army serving on peacekeeping missions outside of the nation.

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